sometimes your mind needs an emergency exit

Picasso - light drawing 
does this mean it’s ok for me to wear that black sequined tuxedo vest out that i bought at express or something 5 years ago 

Theodor Geisel, who you may know better as Dr. Seuss

The Möbius structure of relationships, one of David Byrne’s hand-drawn pencil diagrams of the human condition

So this is at Mars. The vintage store right down the street from my work. This is also right above the “homeless bench” Which I consider my bench. I literally sit under this sign every day. Weird. 

An installation from poetry-in-lights artist Robert Montgomery at the former swimming pool in Stattbad Wedding in Berlin — part of the Echoes of Voices series that will soon be turned into a book with funds raised on Kickstarter. Related: this is also where they will hold the publication’s launch party.